cat.gif (612 bytes) Le Gallery ‘Basil’

beautifulboy.jpg (76373 bytes) I am the beautiful cat ‘Basil’.

Is it is hot in here, or is it just me?

christitshot.jpg (7016 bytes)
nowwhat.jpg (8979 bytes) I sleep where ever it is cosy.
My favorite spot: ‘Basil Cave 1’. basilcave.jpg (9199 bytes)

You look’n at ME?
montage.gif (30262 bytes) I am so tired. I think I will just rest my head here...
‘Basil Cave 2’



come see me.jpg (11709 bytes) Why don’t you come up and see me sometime.
If you can’t find me, check for me in the tub… basiltub.jpg (7184 bytes)
shhhh.jpg (64664 bytes) …or on my peoples’ bed.


Click here to download a video clip of Basil
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Basil&plant.jpg (5716 bytes)

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