After an early morning stop at Silver Reef (a silver mining 'ghost town' where both Patti and I have worked) we made the long drive back to Salt Lake City. We arrived in time to check-in to a hotel and then make a quick dash north of the city to Antelope Island. The island is a state maintained park and preserve in the Great Salt Lake. Access to the park is via a seven mile causeway.   We made it in time to catch a dramatic sunset.

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View of a small island in the Great Salt Lake seen from Antelope Island.


The island is home to a herd of about 700 bison. The animals were first introduced just over a century ago as a conservation measure, and today they constitute the largest public bison herd in the country.

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Dusk on the Great Salt Lake. Just before sundown the lights started to come on around Ogden. The snow capped Wasatch range towers above the town of Clearfield and the mountains are reflected in the mirror smooth waters of the lake.